Gore GII Buenos Aires Speech

By Al Gore 
Decisions and the basis for making them must also be made public so
that consumers and potential competitors are assured that their
interests are being protected.

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Volunteer in the Balkans

The nightly news presented a steady stream of heart-rending images. What could I do to help in Kosovo? I had no experience in relief work. As a business consultant and manager, I’d worked in stressful situations in Asia. Perhaps, I hoped, my organizational experience would be useful.

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ZaMir:Peace work in the Warzone

Enters Internet. Early in 1991, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) proposed a "Trust Link" between the conflicting sides in ex-Yugoslav war. When the anti-war and human rights groups of former Yugoslavia began to organise, they had found it impossible to coordinate their activities due to immense communication difficulties. In October, several peace groups (War Resisters International - WRI, International Forum On Reconciliation -IFOR, etc...) from countries that still had good telephone connections to both Zagreb and Belgrade agreed to relay FAXes received from one peace group on to the other group across the militrarized border.

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Croatia: where guns and roses don't mix, and the worm of a hateful war gnaws at an old and militantl

From: National Catholic Reporter  |  Date: 10/8/1993  |  Author: McCarthy, Tim

And the worm of a hateful war gnaws at an old and militantly Catholic core

ZAGREB, Croatia -- In front of the Zagreb railroad station is an imposing equestrian statute of Tomislav, the 10th century warrior king who wrested the Croats free from Byzantine rule. The bronze sculpture is powerful, invincible, and the king is wielding a cross. It could as well symbolize the militant Catholicism that dominates Croatia today.


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"Er is in Italië een actieve gemeenschap die vluchtelingen uit voormalig Joegoslavië helpt. Velen van hen zijn on line en ik beschik via mijn e-mail-contacten over hun telefoonnummers. Curtis was in Ancona op een moment dat daar heel veel Bosnische vluchtelingen aankwamen. Hij wist alleen niet in welk hotel ze zaten en vroeg via een fax naar Den Bosch om informatie. Enkele telefoontjes vanuit Den Bosch met de contacten in Italië hielpen niet alleen Curtis; sommige vluchtelingen in de Willem I kazerne kwamen zo eindelijk weer in contact met familieleden, die in Ancona terecht waren gekomen. Mensen stonden te huilen aan de telefoon."

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