Culture and Technology in the New Europe:

Civic Discourse in Transformation in Post-Communist Nations (Civic Discourse for the Third Millennium)

by Laura Lengel (Paperback - May 3, 2000)

Excerpt - page 121: " ... opinion was Wam Kat's Zagreb Diary (Cooke & Lehrer, 1994; "Pioneering," 1993). Working for a Danish relief organization in Croatia in 1992 and 1993, Kat had ... "


Die digitale Buschtrommel

Als am 25. August 1993 im Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs die Creme der amerikanischen Computer-Hobbyisten zur ONE BBSCON zusammentraf, bat der Begrüßungsredner alle Anwesenden, aufzustehen; wer keinen eigenen Computer am Netz betrieb, sollte sich wieder hinsetzen. Danach sollten diejenigen sich setzen, die 1992 noch keinen Rechner am Netz hatten, dann 1991. Als er bei 1978 ankam, stand nur noch ein Mann. "Leute", sagte der Redner dann, "das ist Ward Christensen".

von Peter Glaser


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Joy of Peace

Peacework is in essence nothing else than to cultivate joy and delight, as powerfully as possible.

I put this sentence at the beginning of my lecture like a beacon, because it brings together all the conclusions that I have drawn from my stay in Albania and Kosovo. It shows that the confrontation with grief and destruction lies in the outer world and that the perception of war lies in your own inner self. I would like to take you on a journey of research during which these connections will unfold.

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