wam kat (was: Tirana Diary 20 May 1999) Optionen Gegenwaertig gibt es mehrere Themen i

Frank Ellert


Seit ein paar Tagen schreibt Wam Kat via 1&1 ein Tagebuch in das
CL-Netz.  Diese Nachrichten werden (technisch ausnahmsweise korrekt)
von den filternden CL-Systemen ausgefiltert.  Wir sind uns aber
vmtl. einig, dass dies so politisch nicht wünschenswert ist.

Hat sich schon jemand mit Wam Kat in Verbindung gesetzt und versucht,
ihn/sie (?) an ein CL-System zu vermitteln und herauszubekommen, wie
weit mir.org mit der geplanten eigenen News-Infrastruktur ist?


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|Subject: Tirana Diary 20 May 1999
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|Tirana 20 Mai 1999

"Wer den Swing in sich hat, kann nicht mehr im Gleichschritt
marschieren." Coco Schumann, Jazzer, Überlebender des KZ


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American Confusion from Vietnam to Kosovo:

Coping with Chaos in High Places

by William R Taylor (Paperback - Feb 9, 2001)

Excerpt - Back Matter: "... Balkan Sunflowers via postings to ZAMIR list by Dutch founder Wam Kat: LISTS. ..."

Let the Sunflowers Blossom Again!

The experience of war and the experience of being driven out of ones home are both traumatic and for the time being we cannot change them. The experience of being a refugee in one out of hundreds of camps and the return to a destroyed homeland can become a trauma too. Here we can help.

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UH graduate to help Kosovar refugees

Babette Hughes sets aside time to aid victims of ethnic cleansing in Albania

By Teresa Tingle
Daily Cougar Staff

Water is available twice a day, and only to those who wait for it until it's turned on. Guards drive around with loaded guns to keep watch on the population. There is little entertainment -- no books or television. It seems that everyone is ill and hungry, and medicine and food are scarce.

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Volunteer in the Balkans

The nightly news presented a steady stream of heart-rending images. What could I do to help in Kosovo? I had no experience in relief work. As a business consultant and manager, I’d worked in stressful situations in Asia. Perhaps, I hoped, my organizational experience would be useful.

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